Note: Sold items are removed from the blogshop to avoid confusion.

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Terms & Conditions - Read before proceeding!

- First pay first serve. If you've ordered it first but aren't replying my smses and emails and someone else comes along and pays for the item before you do, that person gets it first.

- People who offer to buy my item have priority over people who insist on swaps, even if the swapper showed interest in my item first. (Unless, of course, I initiated the swap.)

- Prices exclude mailing charges. Charges depend on weight of item and I don't earn anything from it.

- I'd prefer postage instead of meetups, but we have no choice but to meet up, location and timing is all STRICTLY to my convenience. Probably at Boon Lay / Pioneer. I'll be able to meet at Jurong East occasionally (timing to my convenience).

- I'd rather not do swaps and I have every right to reject an offer to swap.



Karen (Blog)
For reference, I'm 157cm and 42kg. I usually wear UK6; free sized clothes fit me well too.

This blogshop was previously on Blogger, I've decided to change the web host because I got irritated with Blogger.
Selling stuff I bought on impulse - I'm a very, very impulsive shopper and thus am constantly broke.